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ETB 200,000

Toyota DX

good condition , Ac, cd player

1151 total views, 1 today


ETB 305000 Negotiable

Toyota yaris

Excellent condition, CD player Almunium rim

703 total views, 0 today


ETB 240,000

Toyota landcruiser

good condition one '86 model land cruiser sold, one left to go.. . they're still going strong but take in a little dust on the dirt roads.

1559 total views, 1 today


ETB 215,000

Suzuki Vitara

excellent condition , ac, cd player Fuel engine, manual transmission, no previous accidents, well-maintained. Price slightly negotiable

733 total views, 0 today


ETB $410,000

Toyota Corolla Executive

Excellent condition,ac,cd player Slightly Negotiable original left hand DVD player Bluetooth support Aluminum rim

1061 total views, 0 today


ETB 250,000

Mistibush pajaro

Excellent condition, CD player, Ac

708 total views, 4 today


ETB 200,000

Toyota Taxi 3y

Good condition, Ac,Cd player

693 total views, 1 today


ETB 285,000

Toyota Hatch back

Good condition, Ac, CD player

896 total views, 6 today


ETB 350,000

Toyota Hiace 2l

Excellent condition, CD player, ac

1762 total views, 2 today


ETB 230000 Negotiable

Ford explore

Good condition,Ac,Cd player

840 total views, 1 today

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